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Viseu 2020 – City of Cinema

Situated between 400 and 700 m in altitude, Viseu, in Beira Alta, is a must see.

It makes us sin for the delicious gastronomy, gives us health in the spa, encourages us to observe the urban art for free and makes us proud when we taste the Dão wines produced here.

Surrounded by several mountains and rivers, its location is very central on the map and has been considered one of the best cities to live in.

People from all over the world come to this destination. And the “viseenses”, who live there, are so welcome to receive it.
Drive in along the old Roman-style cobblestone road, park and walk.

The well-ornamented gardens, which have given it the title of garden city since 1935, the beautiful Sé Cathedral and the Misericórdia Church, the various urban parks, D. Duarte and the Republic Square, the Cavalhadas (24 June) and The Cava de Viriato where the São Mateus Fair usually takes place (August-September) are some references that you will like to see.

How to arrive

By car:

  • A25 | Aveiro – Viseu – Vilar Formoso: Ensures connection to A1 (IP1) and Salamanca. There are 4 exits available for entry into the city: Viseu Norte (IP5), Viseu (A24), Viseu / Nelas (EN231), Viseu Este (IP5).
  • A24 | Viseu – Chaves/Vila Verde da Raia (border): Connecting route to the northern part of the district, Vila Real and Spain (Galicia). There are 4 exits available to the city: Mozelos (EN16), North Viseu (IP5), Viseu (A25), Fail (EN 2).
  • IP3 | Viseu – Coimbra: Starting at one of the A1 nodes, IP3 runs through the districts of Coimbra and Viseu.
  • IP5: It is used for connection to some points of Viseu and serves to circulate the city.
  • EN229 | Viseu – Sátão: One of the city entrances with more traffic. It also links to the Mundão Business Park.
  • IC37 | Viseu – Seia: Connects the A25 node in Viseu to the IC6 / IC7 node in Seia – fast lane profile.
  • EN337 | Viseu – Vouzela – Carregal do Sal
  • EN323 | Viseu – Vila Nova de Paiva

By Public Transportation