Submission Guidelines

Submitted abstracts and videos must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another conference or publication.

Paper submissions

An extended abstract should be submitted including the following items:

  • Separate page with: Title (respecting the sub-themes of the conference), name of the authors (with affiliation and contact details) and short abstract (200 words);
  • Introduction: Description of the topic and its relation to the conference theme / subtheme;
  • Contribution: Objectives of the paper, theoretical background of the research. Evaluate the relevance of the main question regarding the current state of art;
  • Methodology: main research question; main analytical methods (methods for data sourcing, processing, as well as the testing method);
  • Results & Discussion: main results of the paper in light of existing literature;
  • Conclusion: including a summary of the major (theoretical and managerial) contributions, of the study’s limitations and future research directions;
  • References used.

Film submissions – Videography

If you will present your research through the collection and analysis of visual material, the following criteria must be considered:

  • An extended abstract should be submitted following the items listed above:
  • Any document filmed presenting research must be clearly connected to the sub-themes of the conference;
  • The length of the post-produced document should be up to 15 minutes;
  • The authors should make sure that all images, music and any other material included in their films are free of copyrights.

Evaluation criteria for videography:

  • Theoretical and/or empirical contribution to the conference main themes;
  • Relevance and originality of the topic;
  • Creativeness and appropriateness of both methodological and media approach;
  • Technical competences (e.g. camerawork, post-processing).

Submission procedure for videos:

The final version of the film should be uploaded (via Vimeo) and then a link and password inserted at the end of the written abstract.